Ol’ Skool Plank Chair

field_shotEver since the beginning of time, man has had a desire for a comfortable place to sit..

Ol’ Skool Plank Chairs LLC

New Milford, CT USA If it doesn’t say “Ol’ Skool” on it….. it isn’t! Grown in nature, inspired by a need to be comfortable. We just simply call them Ol’ Skool Plank Chairs, because they are made with planks. “Old yet new”, a term we fondly call “OLDERN

It is an old design made modern.

Two board design is simple, efficient and beautiful in a minimalist way! We offer these chairs in a variety of woods: Pine, fir, and eventually exotic woods mahogany, cypress teak, etc.

This chair was used as far back as medieval times.

These chairs have been around for a long, long time. They have been called “bog chairs” or “star gazers.”

Every group of people in the world has a variation of this chair, made from local material.

We believe, that the early peoples would like our chair, as much as you will, when you need an attractive, easy to store, take anywhere chair…..When you first see the chair, something happens inside you and you say to yourself ”Oh ya” just like people did a thousand years ago!

coming soon……….outrageous graphics like camouflage

These chairs can be used at home inside or out on the porch or deck!

They are the ultimate seat for tail-gating they can be used at the beach.

Anywhere you want to bring them, like a campfire, as a last resort you can burn the chair. We don’t recommend that!

Through normal use you will see “wear marks,” these are just the seat board settling into the back board, it is normal and expected!